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Summer Camp ideas for kids with Special Needs

Looking for a summer camp for your special needs child?

Here is a list of some resources and ideas in San Francisco.
Please email me if you have anything to add, comments, etc.
and I will incorporate it onto this list!
has a camps listing for children with Special Needs:
The Parks and Rec inclusion specialist is Vicki Pitner. Summer camp registration opens on March 15. Here is some info on their website:
Online registration is here:
(again, summer camps will open registration in March)




Laurel and Sterne Schools both offer academic summer programs for kids with learning differences.








Bennett sings in a chorus at Community Music Center (CMC) and they are very accommodating. You would need to call them to find out about accessibility and your child’s needs:




Bennett has also done a cooking camp at Y.U.M. Chefs and the teacher is VERY accommodating!




BAADS and Treasure Island Sailing Center Co-Able Summer Program:
The goal of the program is to combine students with disabilities and able bodied students in such a manner that they will encourage and assist each other to become independent sailors. Ideally we would like students with physical disabilities to ask an able bodied friend to accompany them. They will sit side by side and learn from each other. Sailing is one of the few activities people with severe disabilities can participate and compete in on a level playing field with able bodied.
Week 1, June 16 to June 20

Age: 7 to 11Week 2, June 30 to July 4

Age:12 to 18
Week 3, August 4 to August 8
Age: 12 to 18
All classes start with a Chalk Talk  at 9:00 AM.
There will be a short lunch/break at 12:00 noon.  Boats will come in by 2:00 PM for a review of the days activities.  Sailors will leave the dock at 3:00 PM after securing all equipment  and cleaning up what they used.
Where:  Pier 40, the Embarcadero at the BAADS Dock!
Sailing will take place in McCovey Cove!
Instructors:  A US Sailing Certified Instructor will be provided by Treasure Island Sailing Center along with an assistant.  Two skilled young sailors will be provided by South Beach Yacht Club to assist.

BAADS will be supplying safety boats and five  Hansa 303’s for the program. The Hansa 303 is a unique vessel that requires the participants to sit side by side.  Either sailor can steer, operate the sheets and easily assist their neighbor.At the end of the program we expect students to become aware of the nautical vocabulary necessary for sailing, to become familiar with currents and tides peculiar to McCovey Cove and San Francisco Bay and, most significantly , be capable of sailing a small sloop rigged vessel in and around McCovey Cove safely.

Rules of the road and all matters concerning safety will be emphasized daily.
Cost:  $25 refundable at the end of the program.

Transportation:  No transportation is provided!Contact Info: Phone: 415.421.2225. Secure Fax: 415.421.2208. Email: Programs@tisailing.org

You can learn more about BAADS and Treasure Island Sailing here:

Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors
The Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors is a San Francisco Bay Area non-profit dedicated to providing sailing programs to people with disabilities and their friends, families and caregivers. 
View on www.baads.org 

Treasure Island Sailing Center 
View on tisailing.org 
BOK Ranch (therapeutic horseback riding program) is offering summer camp for ALL children!
This is a really exciting new program for us. We have put together the skills of the therapeutic riding team and local riding instructors to create a fun and safe summer camp that is challenging and fast paced enough for typical riders while at the same time being completely adaptable for riders with additional needs.
This equine based camp is truly a one of a kind 100% integrated TRUE social skills camp. Everyone is welcome-ages 6-16.
If you have a child that is a little older or a little younger, feel free to email me directly (tishcallos@yahoo.com) and we can talk about whether or not the camp would be a good match. We hope to accommodate everyone who is interested.
This is the only camp that is being backed and supported by the San Mateo County Horsemen’s Association and each child will get the opportunity to ride at least 2 times everyday. The BOK Ranch is the only PATH Premier Accredited Therapeutic Riding Center on the Peninsula, serving 130 riders with special needs each week. Finally, something siblings can do together!
Visit http://www.bokranch.org/ for more information about the camps and to download a flier and the enrollment forms.
Happy Trails,
Summer Horsemanship Clinics at Halleck Creek Ranch

Halleck Creek Ranch is pleased to announce their Summer Horsemanship Clinics for children and young adults both with and without special needs, ages 5-18.Join us for hands-on learning about horses! Give your child the opportunity to learn and practice his/her horsemanship skills by spending some quality time eye-to-eye with their favorite horse. Let us teach them the importance of their working as a team both on the ground as well as on their back!Each day will introduce a fun equine-related project, activity, riding lesson, or game designed to teach each child about their horse partners through hands-on education. Skills will include things such as: Catching and grooming, tacking and leading, trail and arena riding, arts and crafts, horsemanship skills, vaulting, and parts of the horse and tack.Campers will be given a chance to meet and interact with other campers their age, and to participate in group activities. Camp staff are experienced, certified professionals, and will be assisted by trained and qualified summer interns. Clinics will be held at our historic 60-acre ranch, nestled in beautiful Nicasio Valley in Marin County.

Three separate clinic weeks will be offered for youth with special needs on the following dates:
Ages 5-7: July 8, 9, 10 (TuesdayThursday; from 9:00-1:00)
Ages 8-12: July 22, 23, 24 (TuesdayThursday; from 9:00-1:00)
Ages 13-18: Aug 5, 6, 7 (TuesdayThursday; from 9:00-1:00)

Three separate clinic weeks will be offered for youth without special needs on the following dates:
Ages 5-7: July 15, 16, 17 (TuesdayThursday; from 9:00-1:00)
Ages 8-12: July 29, 30, 31 (TuesdayThursday; from 9:00-1:00)
Ages 13-18: Aug 12, 13, 14 (TuesdayThursday; from 9:00-1:00)

Clinic registration will be $250/week, registration will be limited, and clinics are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so sign up today by emailing Program Director, Molly Scannell at mscannell@halleckcreekranch.org

— Molly Scannell, Program Director
(415)662-2488 PH
(415)662-2421 FX
Halleck Creek Ranch
“Life Without Barriers”





    Welcome to Camp Krem Season 2014!Travel Camp Sessions are available! Join us on 7, 10 and 12-day adventures that offer exploration, education and new challenges. These exciting and fun travel vacations provide great opportunities for increased independence and self-confidence while making lifelong friendships. 


To Register:For Campers age 16+ – Please apply online for one or more sessions at our website, www.campingunlimited.org or if you wish to speak to us about
planning your sessions, call Gail at 510 222-6662. You can also email us atcampkrem@gmail.com. Camperships are available. 

June 8 – June 19: First session we are heading to Calaveras Big Trees! We will be spending time in several different state parks, including Stanislaus National Forest and El Dorado National Forest, and exploring all they have to offer. When we get to Calaveras Big Trees State Park, we will get the chance to see some of the largest redwood trees in the world, some as old as 2000 years old. We’ll also get to see some historic American Indian grinding rocks, learn a lot from the ranger talks, go bird watching, participate in environmental education programs and, of course, have a lot of fun!


June 22- June 28: Session Two we are headed to beautiful Fremont Peak State Park and Henry W. Coe State Park. While we are there, we will be sure to check out the great views of Monterey Bay, San Benito Valley, and Salinas Valley, going on plenty of daily walks and adventures!


July 1 – July 10: Session Three is going to be a session full of pride while we march proudly in the boulder creek Fourth of July day Parade.  When we aren’t representing camp and rejoicing our freedom we will be staying close to camp in the Portola redwoods and the Big Basin State parks.  We will also make our way down to the beach and play in the sand. This session will be full of great times in the redwoods, at the beach and in the parade.


July 13 – July 22: Session Four we are headed to Yosemite National Park and the surrounding area.  We are so excited to get into the park and visit some of the most beautiful waterfalls and hiking trails in California.  As with all the other sessions, we will be cooking all our own meals and playing games at the campsite. The natural beauty of Yosemite and our time spent with new and old friends will make this a trip to never forget.


July 26 – August 4: Session Five we are heading to the beautiful Angel Island, where we will cherish our amazing views of the entire bay! Here we will enjoy our time at camp, cooking all of our own meals and participating in fun group activities and games.  On our way to Mt. Diablo for a few nights we will stop at the Oakland Zoo to get even more connected to the wild.


August 7 – August 16: Session Six is our most extreme session of the entire summer.  We are heading to the Tahoe area and lake for our last ten day session of summer.  We will be going on our white water rafting trip and beforehand, we will prepare with many activities at our campsites to create the trust and friendship needed to get us down the river together and create friendships for life.


Thank you!

We are looking forward to seeing you this summer!


Gail Zigenis


Camping Unlimited – Camp Krem